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We are a UK based company selling yoga products from the very best natural materials from around the world.  Our range includes; mats, towels and accessories made from natural materials only. 

Our eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories are biodegradable and completely sustainable, meaning they can be safety returned to the earth after use – unlike conventional yoga mats, which are too often packed with synthetic plastics and chemicals.

We believe cork is the perfect surface for your yoga mat, as its antimicrobial properties resist mould and mildew and kill sweaty smells. Perfect for the changing world of 2020!


If, like me, you love to get a sweat on during yoga, our eco-friendly yoga mats are your saviour. Made from smooth cork from Portugal and a natural, sustainable rubber base from Malaysia and Thailand, they're super grippy so you won't struggle in downward dog.

Our mission is to bring us all closer to mother nature with each and every practice, provide support and any advice on how to use products.  Finally and most importantly ensure you are 100% satisfied with Yoga World® products. 

Exclusive Website Bundles

We all love a bargain, so we have put together some exclusive offers for website customers only! There is an option from all our ranges to ensure there is something suitable for everyone.